What is Self Herding

• Self Herding is a practice for creating a positive influence on livestock grazing patterns for productive, environmental and economic gains.

• It uses old and new methods in a behavioural way to achieve benefits for your business, landscape and people.

• Self Herding is almost a discipline in its own right, as it draws on knowledge from behavioural science, neurobiology, nutrition, ecology and human-animal interactions.

• It is based on 7 Principles that are all supported by the scientific literature and practical experiences.

• It is distinctly different from other approaches of livestock management because it achieves results by allowing animals to make choices that suit the goals of the land or livestock managers, rather than relying on exclusion and control.

• It provides a way for humans to positively influence the grazing distribution of livestock in landscapes to improve landscape function and the profitability of enterprises that include livestock. This is done using the full range of existing tools but in ways that are different from the past.