Attractant Hopping - the process of moving attractants, using familiarity and variety

Attractant Leapfrogging - variable movements of attractants that have different reward values

Jackpots - small, very high value rewards, occasionally offered

Super jackpots - a larger Jackpot, or with extended availability

Self Herding Skimmer Box - gathering device used behaviourally to allow stocking rate adjustment

Self Herding Guidance Fences - non-continuous fences that direct or deviate animal movement

Self Herding Louvre Fences and Funnel Fences - non-continuous fences directing animals away from one area to another

Pyric Grazing Highways - single tracks used as pyric grazing firebreaks across the landscape

Pyric Grazing Freeways - double tracks with pyric grazing between them for fire suppression

Coach cows - experienced or trained animals that initiate strong following behaviours

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