Rebuilding after the fire

The managers of a cattle station were faced with a devastating fire that burnt a large part of their property.

One of the first tasks in the rebuilding phase was to collect cattle from various locations within the property and relocate this mixed group to an unburnt area with new water point that had not previously been used. This was challenging, as it was vitally important the cattle did not quickly disperse to the previous home ranges or across damaged fences. Cattle were selected across a wide range of ages and weights, including bulls, cows, steers, heifers and calves.

The application of RSH was successful, as the majority of cattle chose to stay in the new area. Over time, interactions between the animals strengthened and new experiences were formed. As the pastoralist said himself, “they had to form a new colony”.

Image A shows the locations of two cows fitted with GPS tracking collars over the first 3 weeks, and indicates just how well they’ve chosen to remain around their ‘home’ and water point.