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Bruce Maynard

Dip Ag Bus, Dip Con & Land Mgt

Bruce Maynard is a fourth generation farmer and innovator from the Central West of New South Wales in Australia.

His production system, on 1500 ha is based on regenerative principles, with both livestock and cropping in a mixed system.

It incorporates

Time Control Grazing

Whole Farm Planning

Holistic Resource Management

Alley Farming

Stress Free Stockmanship

No Kill Cropping

The Maynards have planted over 200,000 trees and 320,000 saltbushes to transform the farm, with the property, ‘Willydah’, now well known as a field day venue with some 130 major days conducted over the last 5 years along with numerous private visits.

Bruce has had an extensive background in Natural Resource Management working for Landcare as a Conservation Grazing Officer and also as a Farming Systems Officer for the local Catchment Management Authority.

He invented No Kill Cropping as a response to the current and emerging challenges unique to Australian farming. No Kill Cropping and Pasture Cropping are systems that grow crops within grasslands rather than replacing grasslands as conventional systems do. The methods are adaptable and resilient, providing profitable production whilst slashing inputs and, therefore, risk.  Bruce has also developed Stress Free Stockmanship, an approach that changes the interactions between people, animals and the landscape. It is more than animal handling, but a way to enable animals to initiate new, learned behaviours that positively impact people and landscapes.

Besides managing his family-owned farm, Bruce teaches No Kill Cropping, pasture Cropping and Stress Free Stockmanship.


Email: brucemaynard@bigpond.com




Dean Revell

B Sc (Agric) Hons PhD

Dean Revell has worked in livestock research and teaching for about 25 years in Australia and internationally.

He studied agricultural science and completed his PhD at The University of Western Australia, and has worked at CSIRO (Livestock Industries and Sustainable Agriculture),The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, Massey University (New Zealand), the Rowett Research Institute (Scotland). He currently holds Adjunct Associate Professor positions at The University of Western Australia and the University of Adelaide.

Dean now runs an independent small business, based in Perth Western Australia, in applied research for agriculture and natural resource management, Revell Science.


Dean’s research background has been in nutrition and metabolism of livestock, and over the past 15 years on the broad interactions between animals, plants, landscapes and people. He sees real opportunities to capitalise on the nutritional behaviours of animals to improve productivity, enterprise profitability, and health of the natural resource base.

Dean has published over 80 refereed papers, including 18 reviews and 4 book chapters. He has received over 20 invitations to present his work at national or international forums, and has presented at numerous regional workshops and field days. He was the co-instigator and co-leader of a 9-year national research project, ‘Enrich’, that explored the multiple benefits of incorporating Australian native shrubs to grazing farming systems in southern Australia for multiple benefits. The innovation and collaborations in this project were recognised by the inaugural Eureka Award in Sustainable Agriculture from the Australian Museum.


Email: dean@revellscience.com.au